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Stéphane Planquart
4 Août 1981, France


I am senior architect and developer with a good experience in project management and team lead.

My goals is to work with skilled team developers on complex softwares. I am interested in Python language and I'm looking for new challenges. Especially in open source and world changing applications, with millions of users.


2013 - Today Lead Developper: PayPlug
  • Design the PayPlug's technical architecture (SOA, API REST, ...).
  • Managing a growing team (1 to 5 developers)
  • Agile with 2 weeks sprint
  • Security training: OWASP, PCI-DSS
  • Technical environment: Python, Linux, Amazon Web Service, Nginx, MySql, CouchDB, Apache, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, PCI-DSS, OSSEC, Fabric
2008 - 2012 Technical Project Manager at Alter Way, in Paris, France. In charge of customers applications, working with a team of 1 to 4 developers and responsible of conception, increasing developers skills and project management. I worked on various technologies like DB (Postgres, MySql, ...), OOP (Java, Php, Python), B.I. (ETL, Reporting).
2007 - 2008 Consultant at RTE, in Paris, in France. In charge of an impact study on the adaptation of a simulation grid application (GUI and design application). In charge of functional and technical specifications of a grids trans-coding application. I developed proofs of concepts in C#, C, PL/SQL.
2005 - 2007 Lead Developer at Norbert Dentressangle Logistics, in Paris Region, in France. In charge of the development team of the biggest automated warehouse in europe, I designed and developed various critical applications like application servers, intranets, data warehouses.
2003 - 2004 Director of Development and Co-Founder at Fordev Studio, in Paris, in France. I created an Internet Explorer plugin and tool kit to view 3D environment or 3D object in websites for luxe, automobile and media customers.
2001 - 2002 Lead Developer on Atrium Project, in France. This personal project aimed to create a multi-platform 3D game engine. Developed in C++ language under Linux and Windows with OpenGL.


Python programming language - 4 years of experience.

  • Used at PayPlug for construct the API core and lot of other tools
  • Used at Atrium Projet and Fordev Studio for extensions for Blender
  • Used for my personal projects with Django, MongoDB and Kivy.

PHP - 3 years of experience.

  • Used Zend Framwork at Alter Way for customers projects like affiliation platform (advertisements)
  • Used PHP at Nobert Dentressangle Logistics for intranet projects (a backoffice for all others applications)

C++ programming language - 5 years of experience.

  • Used at Norbert Dentressangle for application server for mobile terminal on Windows CE
  • Used at Fordev Studio for 3D engine and IE plugins
  • Used at Atrium Project for 3D game engine

OpenGL - 4 years of experience. Version 1.2 to 2.0.

  • Used at Fordev Studio for 3D engine under Internet Explorer
  • Used at Atrium Project for multi-platform 3D game engine

C programming language - 2 years of experience.

  • Used at Alter Way to write lib4D_sql, PDO_4D and PDO_Ingres
  • Used at RTE for proof of concept and read a big application source
  • Used at Atrium Project for some part of 3D game engine

DirectX - 1 year of experience. Version 8 and 9.

  • Used at Fordev Studio for audio and video support in OpenGl application.

Git - 3 years of experience in community project and professional project.
Mercurial - 2 years of experience. I am mercurial technical referent for mercurial in Alter Way.
Oracle and PL/SQL - 3 years of experience.

  • Used at Norbert Dentressangle for big database managing the biggest automatic logistic warehouse in Europe.
  • Used at RTE for support and fix an PL/SQL application

DataBases - 8 years of experience.

  • Used MySQL and Postgresql for web application
  • Used CouchDB for asynchronous application
  • Used Ingres, DB2 for a few projects with an ETL
  • Used MongoDb for a few personal projects in Python and JQuery

Continuous integration - 1 years of experience.

  • Used at Alter Way with Jenkins, Ant and mercurial to deploy website and other applications at each Mercurial push.

Talend (ETL) - 2 years of experience.

  • Used at Alter Way for customers projects like applications synchronization, data integration

Android and iOS

  • Used Android in a few personal projects published on Android Market
  • Participation in porting Kivy(an NUI framwork) on iOS


I am most the time in charge of a few developers when I work on project.

  • at Alter Way I am Technical Project Manager in charge of 1 to 4 developers for customers projets ;
  • at Nobert Dentressangle Logistics, I am Lead Developer in charge of 3 to 4 developers ;
  • at Fordev Studio, I am manager of 2 3D designers ;
  • at Atrium Project, I am lead for 3 developers and others people (community development over Internet).

I have experience with the following methodologies:

  • at Alter Way I used some scrum's principles adapted for fixed rate customers projects. I used Jira and RedMine tracker to organise project life cycle.
  • at Norbert Dentressangle Logostics I used a simplified V-Cycle. We worked in micro-project mode (something like release in scrum) with functional and technical descriptions and demos. I used UML for OOP and Merise for database designs in technical descriptions.


2011 Python est l'avenir de PHP? "Is Python the future of PHP?": Published in "PHPSolutions" (a French magazine about PHP)
2010 Introduction au Business Process Management (BPM)"Introduction to Business Process Management (BPM)" : A white paper about BPM


Diabete Calc and HbA1C Calc are two Android application for help diabetic people to compute some values for self medication. This application are written in Java and published on BitBucket under GPL V3

PDO_4D and PDO_Ingres are 2 PDO (PHP Data Object) drivers for 4D and Ingres Databases. These PHP extensions are written in the C language. under PHP Licence

lib4D_sql is a library written in C language to communicate with 4D SQL Database. under PHP Licence

tIngresDB* is a set of (6) Talend components which increase functionalities of official tIngres* components. This set of components are written in Java and published on Talend exchange.

tSimpleJsonOutput is a Talend component to write JSON from Talend.


Maitrise d'Informatique - Université of Le Havre - France
Licence d'Informatique - Université of Le Havre - France (option Infographie, Web)
- French diploma to become a developer or project manager. I learned programming languages (C++, Java, ...), méthodologies (OOP, Merise, UML) and to manage a project.

Baccalauréat S – Lycée Norbert Schuman – Le Havre – France
- French diploma to get access to College and University

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